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Blind Valet – now with selfies!📸

By March 5, 2019 No Comments

We have just added a new photo component that lets you upload photos from your device or snap pictures with any of your device’s cameras. This component is now used in several places in Blind Valet. These features are available to all users, with or without subscription

Photo component

After loading a photo from the device storage or snapping a picture with the camera you can then crop or rotate the photo in Blind Valet

Photo editing

The new photo component is now used for updating your account profile image as well as member images for manually created club members. We have also included the member images in more places throughout Blind Valet to provide a more visual experience.

Selfie to update your profile picture
The new member list, add and edit member images
Add member image when registering a new club member for a tournament
Member images on seating chart
Member images of eliminated players on tournament clock

We hope you have fun with this new component. Let us know how you like it:

Cover photo by unsplash-logo rawpixel on Unsplash