How to replay a tournament with an identical structure?

By February 26, 2018 No Comments

There are two possibilities within Blind Valet to replay a tournament with the same structure.

  1.  Templates
    From the Blind Structure tab of a tournament you can use the “Save Template” button to save the current tournament structure as a template. Then, when you create a new tournament from the poker lobby, you can choose your template in the 1st step of the wizard and the saved blind structure will be used. No specific player information is stored in templates.
  2. “Replay Tournament” function
    After a tournament completes (only one remaining player after all the eliminations), the clock controls are replaced by a Replay Tournament button. Clicking this will create a copy of the current tournament with the same blind structure and the same players registered.

So, if you want to just have a new tournament with the same structure, use templates, if you want it to have the same players registered, you can use the “Replay Tournament” functionality.