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Install Blind Valet launch icon on your home screen or desktop

By December 4, 2018 No Comments

Blind Valet is now a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Progressive web apps are essentially a blend of the traditional browser experience and the mobile app experience. This means that you can “install” Blind Valet to your mobile home screen and have a launch icon just like any mobile app. There are a few advantages for you:

  • Easy to launch, just like a native mobile app
  • Quicker load than web page.
    • PWAs cache a good portion of the site on your device so the page can load faster than typing the address in the browser
  • Cleaner interface
    • When launched from the PWA icon Blind Valet will load without the browser address bar giving you a more app-like experience.

How to install Blind Valet to your home screen?


If you are using Chrome on Android, you should see a popup at the bottom of the page when you visit


Make sure you are on the latest version of iOS and open Blind Valet in your Safari browser. Then click on the share button and then “Add to Home Screen”.


For desktop/laptop (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS) we suggest using the Google Chrome browser to open Click the 3-dot menu in the upper right and select “Install Blind Valet…”

You may not see the option on Mac OS. If not,  you need to enable the option in Chrome settings by entering chrome://flags/#enable-desktop-pwas in the address bar and enabling the Desktop PWAs option