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Merge Members

By February 21, 2020 No Comments

In Blind Valet there are two types of accounts.

  • User accounts, where a user creates their own account with Facebook, Google, or Email/Password logins and they join your club as a member
  • Manual accounts, where a club owner or staff member adds a player manually to the club.

Here is the problem, what happens when a player entered with a manual account plays several tournaments in a league and then create a real user account and want to continue playing in the league. If they use their new account then there will be two accounts for that player in the league standings and the results will be skewed.

Today we added a Merge Member functionality that will allow club owners or staff to merge a manual account into a real account. The merge functionality will only work if the two accounts have never participated in the same tournament.

The merge will perform the following, irreversible actions:

  • Check for possible conflicts
  • Replace the manual player in the player tab of all tournaments, including re-entries if appropriate
  • Replace the manual player in the seating chart if appropriate
  • Update knockout information as appropriate
  • Update league standings as appropriate
  • Update tournament history for as appropriate
  • Delete the manual player from club

To perform a merge, just open the members list of your club and click on the merge icon next to a manual member account.