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Pay for subscriptions by SEPA direct debit

By June 5, 2017 No Comments

In addition to Credit Card, Blind Valet is now accepting payment by SEPA Direct Debit for paid subscriptions for our European customers.  Blind Valet uses Stripe ( for all payment processing including SEPA. Your bank information is passed securely to Stripe and is never stored on Blind Valet’s servers.

As with credit card payments, by default the subscription will renew at the end of the period. But you can cancel at anytime and your subscription will continue to the end of the period.

Just as a reminder. The “Ante” subscription plan features:

  • Custom background image on tournament clock
  • Add your group’s logo to the tournament clock
  • Customize the chip values for your chipset in the blind structure calculator
  • Determine how many of each chip value to put in each player’s starting stack
  • Manually change a player’s seat