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New features with the “Ante” subscription plan

By April 14, 2017 No Comments

“Ante” Plan Subscription now available

In addition to the “Free” plan that you have used up until today, we are adding the “Ante” plan with some addiitonal features. We are NOT taking away existing features or limiting your use of Blind Valet in anyway. What was free yesterday remains free. Checkout the new features below:

Customize the tournament clock


Upload your own images to personalize the clock:

  • Custom Background Image
  • Your group’s logo or message

Available when editing your club (gear icon next to club name)

Custom Chipsets

Add your own chip values to match your chipset in the Blind Structure calculator

Chip Distribution

Blind Valet will calculate how many of each chip value to give each player in their starting stack

Thanks for your support!

I have had a lot of users asking if they could make donations or somehow support my efforts. I would ask nothing more than supporting Blind Valet through a subscription and keep giving me your feedback that is making Blind Valet better everyday.

Jeff Kelley