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New Fixed point system for league scoring

By May 14, 2018 No Comments

The Blind Valet “Club” subscription offers the ability to create and manage your poker leagues.

We have just added a new Fixed option to the available scoring systems for leagues. The fixed option has set point payouts for each possible finish position. The point payouts, as the name implies are fixed, and do not change based on the number of players playing in the tournament or any other factors.

When “Fixed” is selected for the scoring system, a “Fixed Points” field appears. Here you can enter your league points payouts in a comma-separated list. It starts with 1st place and continues on from there.


…would give points payouts of:

If your league tournaments always have the same number of participants, this can be a decent option.

Fixed is not generally our recommended scoring system because we like to follow a couple of simple principles for league scoring:

  • Awarding some points to every participant encourages regular participation
  • Tournaments with more participants are harder to win and should award more points.