Why aren’t sounds playing when blind levels change?

By September 20, 2018 No Comments

Browsers are waging a battle against websites that auto-play sounds or videos when you visit their pages. They have put in different mechanisms to block auto-play of different media.

Blind Valet plays the following sounds:

  • Warning  one minute before the level change,
  • 5 second countdown before the level change
  • Level change alert

As these sounds are played on a timer, and not as a direct user action (clicking a button) they are affected by the auto-play policies of the browsers.

Here are some settings that may help you enable sounds for Blind Valet:

Google Chrome

To set the Auto Play Policy on Google Chrome to allow the auto play of sounds:


Safari has a security setting to block “autoplay” of sounds on websites, but this can be managed on a per site basis. To allow sounds to play:

  • Navigate to Blind Valet
  • Click on the Safari menu, then Settings for this website…
  • For Auto-Play, select “Allow all Auto-Play


To make sure autoplay is enabled in Firefox:

  • Enter about:config in the address bar and hit enter
  • Enter media.autoplay.enabled in the search box
  • If the Value is set to false, double-click it to change it to true

Microsoft Edge

To allow autoplay in Microsoft Edge:

  • Click on the menu icon (the three dots) and select Settings
  • Switch to the Advanced category in Settings
  • Locate Media Autoplay in the menu that opens
  • Set the autoplay functionality to allow